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Clausis Oculis, Caelo Late Patente

Forgo your ways and understandings. Trust in God.


For I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

There is only one Gospel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


A Word To The Wise

Fearing the Lord in an age of fear and distrust of authority is not an easy sale for Millennials (my generation), Gen Z, and Gen Alpha who are sincerely seeking to make a difference; “our” maxim being “Change the World.”

Monday Announcements

(August 24, 2020) Note: Moving the announcements to Monday’s. I think it will set the tone for the week. The next three weeks will be rather busy and full of travel for me. But I have plenty in store for you fellow readers as I take on the tasks of writing a book, blogging, and a vlog. So without further ado. Upcoming August 25 … Read More Monday Announcements