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A Review of The Year 202020202020

The Year That Never Ends

TIF Podcast: November 3rd Is Here

November 3rd is here. A new totalitarian age is already upon us.


The Left’s Feminist Narrative Killer

(November Issue 2020) By Kimberly Hagen “Her very existence repudiates the left’s binary thinking about womanhood, that women have to deny what makes women different from men to achieve professionally. And that’s why they hate her.” – Joy Pullman Justice Amy Coney Barrett is debunking all the leftist well spun narratives. She goes against everything the anti women coalition and what they stand for … Read More The Left’s Feminist Narrative Killer


Speak Now, Cause What Comes Next Isn’t Pretty

“For the state of their laws is such as to be almost incurable without some marvelous overhauling and good-luck to boot…”


Riled By Politics: The Fate of the U.S. Supreme Court & The Constitution

The United States is in a crisis of authority. Demonstrating immense wear against present social and economic pressures the U.S. government also faces internal uncertainty as the government grows far and wide beyond the Constitution and the rule of law.


Monday Announcements

Monday Announcements for the week of Sept 21, 2020 here at Truth In Focus.


Amy Coney Barrett: Our Next Supreme Court Justice Whose “Dogma” is Good for America

Here at Truth In Focus we have personally decided to publicly support Amy Coney Barrett as America’s next Conservative female Supreme Court Justice.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Memoriam

Ruth Bader Ginsburg born March 15, 1933 passed away Friday, September 18, 2020. Famously know as the Notorious RBG, her career started after over several decades of personal triumphs and hardships.