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Return to Virtue: The Source Of Virtue

Virtue requires a valid source by which to obtain meaning and authority over our lives.


Our Shared Liturgy: A Culture of Christ For All The Ages

What does your heart say?


Renewing Our Mind: Part 2

Faith & Repentance in and by Christ Alone.


Partake In the Sacred Liturgy Today

At the end of 2020 we remember that no matter feast or famine, Christ Is Lord.


CHRIST IS KING: Our Liturgical December Issue

The King was Born, He Conquered Sin, the Rest is History.


For I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

There is only one Gospel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thy Week, Thus Far: Trump Vs Biden Vs God

I address the John Piper controversy over choosing not to vote for Trump or Biden.


Speak Now, Cause What Comes Next Isn’t Pretty

“For the state of their laws is such as to be almost incurable without some marvelous overhauling and good-luck to boot…”


Principles Over Politics: Integrity

Integrity is always under the weight of sin.


Principles Over Politics: Moral Courage

Courage in the face of hardship.


New Episode Of Christ & the Coffee

Ep 2 covers Col. 1:3-5

Christ & The Coffee

Christ & The Coffee. A bi-weekly methodical scripture meditation series using art, phrases, key words, and analysis to learn the scriptures.