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Return to Virtue: The Source Of Virtue

Virtue requires a valid source by which to obtain meaning and authority over our lives.


Mob Rule, Mob Rules: Part 3, Section 1

America is in an ideological fight for its survival. And unity is nowhere to be found. But there are answers.


TIF Podcast: Ep 1: Live Not By Lies By Rod Dreher

Episode One of Podcast: Live Not By Lies By Rod Dreher


Principles Over Politics: Exordium

Christ is the source of our Common Good; he is the Principle; the Rule of Thumb; and the Sole Being Worthy of Adoration.


Slow & Steady: Winning The Race

We live in a state of hyperreality.

Thy Week, Thus Far

A Weekly Wednesday Dose of Truth by means of podcasts, articles, and videos.

Get Woke or Get Broke: When Reason Fails to Stand

(Opinion) (Note to my readers: Originally I intended this piece to be of the category, Special Report, meaning a stricter standard in how information is analyzed and cited. Essentially that standard requires greater in-depth study. While I personally believe what I wrote here today to be true and factual, it did not meet my standard of a Special Report. Therefore, I qualify this as … Read More Get Woke or Get Broke: When Reason Fails to Stand