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Substack Chronicles: Part 2

Writing requires voracity. The insatiable appetite. While some may write slower than others it is the great ones who never quit.


Mob Rule, Mob Rules: Part 3, Section 1

America is in an ideological fight for its survival. And unity is nowhere to be found. But there are answers.


Due North In A World Lost

The time to speak has come.


Renewing Our Mind: Part 2

Faith & Repentance in and by Christ Alone.


Present Your Bodies as Living Sacrifices: Part 1

We are not be part of this world but in the world living a life for the Glory of God.


Symposium Of Dreams

Architectural design requires a biomimicry between the incoming architecture and that of the existing world.


Substack Chronicles

Substack is a step forward for liberty, if we can keep it that way.


Too Divided To Stand: Election 2020 & The Future of America

We are now too divided to even stand.

TIF Podcast: November 3rd Is Here

November 3rd is here. A new totalitarian age is already upon us.


Totalitarian Incantations: Late Modernity’s Radical Manifestations

Late modernity symbolize’s the archetype of a tyrant. Disturbingly tyranny comes in many forms concerning the new coming age. Hence statism, corporatism, and globalism as actors to this effect. Each of these institutions push a similar agenda onto the masses.


By Virtue of Desecration: Liberation & the Sexual Moral Erosion of America

Virtue is dead. Sin abounds. Evil has taken the place of good.

Thy Week, Thus Far: Trump Vs Biden Vs God

I address the John Piper controversy over choosing not to vote for Trump or Biden.