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Principles Over Politics: Exordium

Christ is the source of our Common Good; he is the Principle; the Rule of Thumb; and the Sole Being Worthy of Adoration.


Monday Review

(Oct 12, 2020) Last Week Foundations: What We Stand On AVisualPhilosophy Slow & Steady: Winning The Race Thy Week, Thus Far When The Eighth Grader See’s Through Them: The VP Debate Of 2020 New Episode Of Christ & the Coffee Join Facebook : Truth In Focus (Join the discussion!) Instagram: MereBeautyInTruth (This is where art, architecture, or photos of nature are showcased to narrow in on what are the … Read More Monday Review


Monday Announcements

Monday Announcements for the week of Sept 21, 2020 here at Truth In Focus.


Burke, Kirk, & Scruton: A Conservative Legacy for the 21st Century

Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and Roger Scruton represent conservatism for the new century.

Thy Week, Thus Far

The State of Theology 2020 report is out. Listen to Al Mohler assessment of NPR interview with radical Vicky Osterweil. And poetry by Fr. Kanary.

Virtue By Decree

Virtue by Decree means a set of obligations weighted upon and against all institutions that hold power and authority over a people. And it represents a set of values expected from those institutions.

Get Woke or Get Broke: When Reason Fails to Stand

(Opinion) (Note to my readers: Originally I intended this piece to be of the category, Special Report, meaning a stricter standard in how information is analyzed and cited. Essentially that standard requires greater in-depth study. While I personally believe what I wrote here today to be true and factual, it did not meet my standard of a Special Report. Therefore, I qualify this as … Read More Get Woke or Get Broke: When Reason Fails to Stand