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Burke, Kirk, & Scruton: A Conservative Legacy for the 21st Century

Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and Roger Scruton represent conservatism for the new century.

Christ & The Coffee

Christ & The Coffee. A bi-weekly methodical scripture meditation series using art, phrases, key words, and analysis to learn the scriptures.

Thy Week, Thus Far

The State of Theology 2020 report is out. Listen to Al Mohler assessment of NPR interview with radical Vicky Osterweil. And poetry by Fr. Kanary.

Monday Announcements

(August 31, 2020) Today marks the last Monday of August 2020, only three months until the November elections and four months until the year of Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, and double hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico comes to an end. What awaits next year will be a continuation of present distress. New Years Eve will not be a time of celebration but angst … Read More Monday Announcements


A Word To The Wise

Fearing the Lord in an age of fear and distrust of authority is not an easy sale for Millennials (my generation), Gen Z, and Gen Alpha who are sincerely seeking to make a difference; “our” maxim being “Change the World.”

Virtue By Decree

Virtue by Decree means a set of obligations weighted upon and against all institutions that hold power and authority over a people. And it represents a set of values expected from those institutions.

Thy Week, Thus Far

A Weekly Wednesday Dose of Truth from articles, podcasts, and videos.