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Substack Chronicles: Part 2

Writing requires voracity. The insatiable appetite. While some may write slower than others it is the great ones who never quit.


Too Divided To Stand: Election 2020 & The Future of America

We are now too divided to even stand.


And The Election Goes To…

And the winner of the 2020 election is…


Glenn Greenwald, Walled By The Radical Left

Glenn Greenwald fired for telling the truth about Biden.

Thy Week, Thus Far: Trump Vs Biden Vs God

I address the John Piper controversy over choosing not to vote for Trump or Biden.


Thy Week, Thus Far

Amy Coney Barrett hearings, Trump Populism, and Ideas Have Consequences.


Riled By Politics: The Fate of the U.S. Supreme Court & The Constitution

The United States is in a crisis of authority. Demonstrating immense wear against present social and economic pressures the U.S. government also faces internal uncertainty as the government grows far and wide beyond the Constitution and the rule of law.