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Due North In A World Lost

The time to speak has come.


A Review of The Year 202020202020

The Year That Never Ends


Monday End Review

The Last week of October is here!


TIF Podcast: Ep. 2 Another Gospel? By Alisa Childers

Ep. 2 Another Gospel? By Alisa Childers


TIF Podcast: Ep 1: Live Not By Lies By Rod Dreher

Episode One of Podcast: Live Not By Lies By Rod Dreher


Monday Review

(Oct 12, 2020) Last Week Foundations: What We Stand On AVisualPhilosophy Slow & Steady: Winning The Race Thy Week, Thus Far When The Eighth Grader See’s Through Them: The VP Debate Of 2020 New Episode Of Christ & the Coffee Join Facebook : Truth In Focus (Join the discussion!) Instagram: MereBeautyInTruth (This is where art, architecture, or photos of nature are showcased to narrow in on what are the … Read More Monday Review


New Episode Of Christ & the Coffee

Ep 2 covers Col. 1:3-5


Monday Announcements

Monday Announcements for the week of Sept 21, 2020 here at Truth In Focus.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Memoriam

Ruth Bader Ginsburg born March 15, 1933 passed away Friday, September 18, 2020. Famously know as the Notorious RBG, her career started after over several decades of personal triumphs and hardships.

Christ & The Coffee

Christ & The Coffee. A bi-weekly methodical scripture meditation series using art, phrases, key words, and analysis to learn the scriptures.


(September 7, 2020) Upcoming Monday, Sept 7 – Visual Philosophy Type: Aesthetic/Art/Philosophy Description: A monthly series of aesthetic outlook on art, photography, architecture, and other mediums through my theory of the aesthetic, MereBeautyInTruth. This month: The Oath of the Horatii Wed, Sept 9 – Thy Week, Thus Far Type: News Description: A shortlist of the weeks articles, podcasts, or videos that readers and listeners … Read More MONDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS