Category: Theology


For I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

There is only one Gospel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


God be the Glory.


Principles Over Politics: Integrity

Integrity is always under the weight of sin.


Principles Over Politics: Moral Courage

Courage in the face of hardship.


Principles Over Politics: Fidelity

Fidelity is the bonding of the soul to something greater than yourself.


Principles Over Politics: Industry

True work leaves eternal value.


Principles Over Politics: Virtuous Individualism

Neither the radical beliefs of neoliberal individualism nor the radical movements of collective solidarity can suffice without calamity.


Principles Over Politics: Exordium

Christ is the source of our Common Good; he is the Principle; the Rule of Thumb; and the Sole Being Worthy of Adoration.


A Word To The Wise

Fearing the Lord in an age of fear and distrust of authority is not an easy sale for Millennials (my generation), Gen Z, and Gen Alpha who are sincerely seeking to make a difference; “our” maxim being “Change the World.”

Virtue By Decree

Virtue by Decree means a set of obligations weighted upon and against all institutions that hold power and authority over a people. And it represents a set of values expected from those institutions.