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Visual Philosophy of the Month, Echo and Narcissus.


(A Poem) By Edward Kyle Richey If time were a persona she would be that of Medusa A female renowned for her beauty Turned to stone by man’s wickedness Punished for being raped by Poseidon in the Temple of Athena No justice given for her No voice to speak out against the real pain she suffered No, her only crime was to taint so-called … Read More TIME

Monday Announcements

(August 24, 2020) Note: Moving the announcements to Monday’s. I think it will set the tone for the week. The next three weeks will be rather busy and full of travel for me. But I have plenty in store for you fellow readers as I take on the tasks of writing a book, blogging, and a vlog. So without further ado. Upcoming August 25 … Read More Monday Announcements