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America’s Identity Crisis

Our Democracy will only thrive if God is foremost.


And The Election Goes To…

And the winner of the 2020 election is…


The Presidential Retrobate… err Debate of 2020 (Round 1)

(Quick Thoughts) Sad, horrific, terrible, a mess these are the words that come to my mind when reviewing the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. Nothing good came out of this debate. Trump lost it and Biden provided little. Biden comes out the winner tonight because he was less aggressive than Trump but not because he is “the better candidate.” Clearly … Read More The Presidential Retrobate… err Debate of 2020 (Round 1)

PAYWALL’Ed: Academic Research & Open Knowledge

(Opinion) As I was preparing Part 2 of Mob Rule, Mob Rules I was reminded of the enormous amount of paywalls preventing an average citizen from conducting research without having to pay either per article ($30-$170) or for the journal ($100 to ?). Paywall’s are nothing new and have been an issue that public and private researchers have been trying to address over the … Read More PAYWALL’Ed: Academic Research & Open Knowledge

Get Woke or Get Broke: When Reason Fails to Stand

(Opinion) (Note to my readers: Originally I intended this piece to be of the category, Special Report, meaning a stricter standard in how information is analyzed and cited. Essentially that standard requires greater in-depth study. While I personally believe what I wrote here today to be true and factual, it did not meet my standard of a Special Report. Therefore, I qualify this as … Read More Get Woke or Get Broke: When Reason Fails to Stand

Unsettling Statistics: Children & Consent

(Opinion) Adulthood has been a topic of interest since 2018 during my master’s program where I was asked, along with other fellows, to write on a topic revolving around higher education and law for the blog My topic was titled, The Apparatus of Responsibility: Post-In Loco Parentis American University World, concerning the loss of In Loco Parentis in relation to the new laws … Read More Unsettling Statistics: Children & Consent